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What is the pH of the substance? Controlled Comparison: During class, our instructor set up the same lab that we were doing with 2 solutions, both of which were known acidic or basic. He placed 2ml of the known acid into 2 different test tubes, and 2ml of the known acid into 2 different petri dishes. Then using forceps, he tested blue litmus paper in one petri dish, and red litmus paper in another. The blue litmus paper, …

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…a yellow looking color. After observing the reactions that solution #5 had with our indicators, and comparing them to the known and controlled experiment, that was carried out in front of us, we determined that solution #5 was an Acid. This is because when tested, it turned the blue litmus red, yet the red litmus stayed the same. In reaction to the phenolphthalein, it became milky, while with the bromthyol blue it became a yellow looking color.