Peyote Religion

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HISTORY OF CACTI AS HUMAN ALLIES The white man goes into his church house and talks about Jesus,- The Indian goes into his tepee and talks to Jesus. " J. S. Slotkin The Indians once believed, and still do, that Peyote is a God, or at least a messenger of the Gods, sent to communicate directly with the individual worshiper. (BP = before present) [ 10,000 BP ] In several Northern Indian tribes, the Peyote ceremony is descended from …

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…the treatment of alcoholism, neurosis and other mental disorders, until the discovery of LSD. I personally find it interesting that at least 2500 years ago, the two widely separated cultures of northern Texas and the South American Andes, embraced mescaline at about the same times. Even though neither culture had any contact with the other, and the fact that Tricocereus and Lophophora look nothing alike, both cultures developed a shamanistic use for their respective teacher plants.