Peter the Great

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Peter the Great of Russia was one of the most important czars. He did much traveling to see Europe. He tried to make his country successful by “westernizing” Russia. He also created his own city. Without Peter the Great, Russia would be behind the times. Peter’s childhood was not an easy one, he had many hardships. Peter Alexeevich was born May 30, 1672. His father was Tsar Alexis I and his mother was Natalya Naryshkina. When …

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…the Great died in St. Petersburg. He left no successor. He was buried in Peter and Paul Cathedral in St. Petersburg. If Peter the Great had never become tsar many things in Russia wouldn’t exist. There would not be a St. Petersburg. Russia would not have had the technology like most of Europe. Overall, Peter the Great was the most important tsar in the history of the advancement of Russia’s economy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**