Peter, Paul, and Mary Helping the Cause

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Peter, Paul, and Mary: Helping the Cause Over centuries music has been the universal voice that enables man not only to be entertained, but also to peacefully speak out on a given cause. Music is there to influence the moods and minds of disapproving or approving people. Protest music played a large role in the expanded freedom of African Americans in the civil rights era, and still plays an important part in the protests of …

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…in 1998 in Santa Cruz benefited the organization trying to improve the lives of California strawberry workers. (“Peter, Paul, and Mary Biography”) The music produced by Peter, Paul, and Mary continues to be a factor in many causes and many solutions. Music is the universal way of peacefully communicating. In the 1960’s this band fought for civil rights and today they continue to have an impact on peoples lives and help causes that they believe in.