Persuasive Techniques in Old Major's speech George Orwell- Animal Farm

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George Orwell uses Persuasive techniques in the speech of old major, in order to show us how rebellion can be incited. Orwell conveys his own opinion about a beginning of a rebellion through this novel. His opinion about the beginning of a rebellion also consists of how the elders or the respected people convince for something which is always thought to be impossible. Major uses a variety of techniques to achieve his goal. One of …

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…speech which makes his other characters as equal as Major is. Major never lets the farm animals think he is not one of them. He always uses the pronouns' I, we, us' to tell them that he is not better than them or more equal than others. The author uses a variety of techniques in order to link language with power. Orwell always uses a combination of techniques which makes his speech unique than others.