Personal Response to Getting Rid of George

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Personal Response to Getting Rid of George Robert Arthurís story, Getting Rid of George is a good gothic story because of itís various examples of required gothic elements. These requirements include atmosphere, psychological state of mind, mystery, romance, and melodrama. All of these combined make this story a good gothic example. To begin, the setting, at one point, takes place at a dark secludes cabin in the mountains. Evidence of this is found …

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…and Harry and Laura sacrificed their freedom and reputation by keeping Georgeís death a secret. Evidently, melodrama was used to support Arthurís gothic story. In conclusion we found that Arthurís story Getting Rid of George was a good gothic story. Arthur used many gothic elements to help support and make his story good and also a mysterious one. We found this story suspenseful and mysterious and enjoyed reading every part of it.