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In the Clash of the Titans, Perseus, the protagonist, is an epic hero. Perseus is to be married to Andromeda. During their wedding ceremony, her mother, foolishly, says that Andromeda's beauty is "greater than Aphrodite," the goddess of love and beauty. Furious at this mortal and her people, Aphrodite says, through the head of her statue, that Andromeda is to be sacrificed to the Crakin in thirty days. Because Perseus loves Andromeda, he decides to …

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…Perseus and therefore help him, it is clear that he is an epic hero. With courage, imagination and help from the gods, Persues, the protagonist in the Clash of the Titans, becomes an epic hero. Despite all his personal traits, however, he would be nothing without help. Surviving the things he must put up with is impossible without the gods. It is proven again and again that an epic hero is nothing without supernatural aid.