Performance Appraisals at Hitachi - MGT 431: Human Resources Management

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Performance Appraisals at Hitachi Performance appraisals are a common method used in today's workforce to assist in the determination of compensation increases. Additionally, these performance appraisals are used to establish training and development needs and input for transfer and promotion opportunities. At Hitachi Automotive Products - Los Angeles (HAP-LA), a large re-manufacturing plant for alternators, starters and other automotive products, the performance appraisal is utilized as a tool in all three of the mentioned aspects. …

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…performance appraisal process has raised some interesting issues that were brought to the Administration department's attention. The process is flawed and many changes are required in order to make a fully workable and viable process. Administration needs to obtain input from the different sections, departments, and employee levels in order to create and implement a respected performance appraisal process. This survey has helped them by sparking the idea to conduct a survey on their own.