People of the Mist

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PEOPLE of the MIST From "The First North Americans Series" "The First North Americans Series" provides in a series of books fictional accounts of the lives of several groups of per-European North Americans. The time period of the books in this series covers a period from approximately 13,000 years BC to approximately 1,300 years AD. The PEOPLE of the MIST is from the latter period of the time range and tells a story family groups of the …

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…Spikes brother) and Black Spikes previous wife to hide actual parentage of the children. Black Spike confessed to the murder and committed suicide to hide Shell Comb's guilt in the Red Knot Case. This was a really good murder mystery. It was fairly easy to read once you got all the characters and their relationships straight. I might try to read PEOPLE of SILENCE in the future. It is about the Anasazi of the Southwest.