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Education and Qualification Most medical schools require applicants to have a minimum of two to three years of university education. After graduating from medical school, a doctor who wishes to become a pediatrician must complete at least three years of special training in health care for children, also known as residency program (work experience). The doctor can then become a certified pediatrician by passing an examination given by a pediatrics specialty board. Many pediatricians take …

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…work schedules, working evenings and Saturdays to accommodate patients. Thus, it can be difficult for them to balance career and family life or personal time. Women in Pediatrics In our society today, some ignorant people still consider women going into specialized pediatrics as unacceptable. They think women should study regular pediatrics. Although the society is more open-minded nowadays, sexism has not been eliminated. Thus, some women in advanced fields such as pediatric surgery are disrespected.