Peasant Fires: The Drummer of Niklashausen, by Richard Wunderli

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Jordan LaRue 02/02/05 HIST-3443 Dr. Dykema Peasant Fires In the book Peasant Fires, the author gives an account of the story of Hans Behem, a peasant shepherd who claimed to have seen a vision of the Holy Mother Mary. Han's then gave passionate sermons and speeches about equality for all peasants, for which, peasants came from all over Europe to witness. Wunderli also uses other sources that relate to Hans to further explain this time period. …

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…peasant incurred. He makes the reader think by asking questions and not immediately answering them for the reader. Once the question is asked Wunderli goes though a process of showing multiple sources then giving you his opinion. This process allows the reader to interpret his own opinion based on the facts. This occurring before the reader sees the historian's opinion. This book a well compiled communication that will keep the readers focus to the facts.