Pearl Harbour

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By 1940, Hitler had invaded France, and conquered most of it in two months, this was called the Biltzkrieg (lightning war), and in 1941 he invaded the USSR. Up till then, the U.S.A was not involved in World War II, however, they were supporting the British Allies. Until 1941, there was no major conflict between the USA and Japan Rivalry between Japan and the USA had begun since the 1920s. The main problem was trade rivalry. …

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…could lose it. Pearl Harbour was a great disaster for the Americans, it led to much rage within the American people, and encouraged millions of men to join the army/navy. The ships which were sunk at Pearl Harbor were rebuilt within a year. So this attack summed up by what Admira Yamamoto said after the attack I Fear all we have done is to taken the sleeping giant, and fill him with terrible resolve.