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The United States’ inflexible foreign policy when dealing with Japan lead to the attack on Pearl harbor which ended American isolationism. On December 7, 1941, at 7:55 a.m., loudspeakers aboard warships in Pearl Harbor rang loud with warnings, “Air Raid. This is no shit” (Millis 354). The bombers streaked in low and filled the sky, marking the infamous Japanese attack on the bulk of the American military strength in the Pacific. The surprise attack was the grand entrance …

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…be a catalyst for a quick decisive war in the pacific with the United States. The Japanese would not give in to the all or nothing warnings and threats which were posed on them and there willingness to make some concessions was never seriously considered by the Americans. It was this inflexibility of American foreign policy that lead to both nations traveling down the road that lead to Pearl Harbor which ultimately ended American isolationism.