Patrick Henry's Speech Give me Liberty, or give me Death

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GIVE ME LIBERTY Patrick Henry's Speech in the Virginia Convention is not only a model persuasive speech, but also displays his extraordinary persuasive speaking skill. He spoke concerning the American colonies' relations with England, and urged his audience to accept the inevitable war rather than try to make amends. Several key aspects of his speech, such as emotion and tone, were essential in support of his point of view. Like preachers of the Great Awakening, …

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…whirlpool of conflicts that colonial America was caught in. Henry used a precise blend of diction, emotion, tone, logic, and facts to not only back up his liberal opinion, but to touch the hearts and minds of his listeners and avert their opinions to see his own thoughts in clarity. Henry was an expert at persuasive speaking, and used his talent to his benefit during his Speech at the Virginia Convention, fueling the forthcoming Revolution.