Passages from "The Laozi" by Lao Dan (3rd century)

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PASSAGES FROM THE LAOZI Written by Lao Dan in the third century, it was originally written in Chinese but later translated into English. The importance of this is that we may be missing some nuance that has been lost in the translation. The Laozi tells us that "humans have separated themselves from the Way by planning and organizing..." "The Laozi can be read in many different ways. It reveals the intellectual ferment of the late …

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…were similar to the crippled man in virtue as he was in trying to strive for a life, even with his difficulties, we would be able to accomplish what he has and so much more. In the end, the old man could be analogous to a China in turmoil one that is weak because it is not politically unified. Therefore, the key is to get China back to the Golden Age of prosperity and peace.