Part-time work: Full-time rewards

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Cori Brouse ENL111 10 October 2000 Part-time work: Full-time rewards When you think about someone with a part-time job, you probably think the person is very lucky to have the job. Of course, you probably have one too and have the viewpoint of a younger person still in school. However, if you do not share this opinion, you are not alone. For many adults, the idea of students having part-time jobs may worry them. Perhaps they think …

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…of students attaining part-time jobs. People should be aware of these reasons and realize that students who balance both school and a work should be commended for their efforts. They also need to support the students in their endeavors of trying to build their work history. Furthermore, people who wish to start working part-time should keep in mind, that this is a wonderful decision that has many benefits that can last a lifetime. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**