Parellels between Mary Shelley and Frankenstein

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Natalie Maio Romanticism PARALLELS BETWEEN MARY SHELLEY and FRANKENSTEIN It is clearly evident that there are many parallels between the novel Frankenstein and the life of its author Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. Throughout her life, Shelley experienced many deaths of loved ones. These tragedies led her to create a monster story that expressed her psychological state of mind. From researching biographical texts of Shelley, I learned that the deaths of loved ones that Mary Shelley experienced …

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…autobiography of Mary Shelley’s life, all of the incidents of death in the novel have shown to have some similarities to her life. Frankenstein experienced death and overcame death the same way that Mary Shelley did. Having an author resemble its character allows the reader to get a true insight on the life of the author. It also helps the reader understand why the author chooses certain characters and why certain actions take place.