Paraphrase of Stanley Milgram's Perils of Obedience

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The Perils of Obedience This experiment is a test to see if people are naturally aggressive. Milgram does not believe that people are naturally aggressive. Although some people think people are naturally aggressive. Ordinary people can be part of a bad course of actions without having any anger toward then victim. In finding that people are not naturally aggressive. Milgram now alters the experiment to find out why do people act the way they do. …

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…person to blame. Milgram made an example of Adolf Eichman. Eichman was part of the assembly line of the Holocaust. He would sit at his desk, follow orders, and fill out death warrants. These warrants were sent to the commandants of the concentration camps, and they proceeded to follow these orders. Eichman never really saw the end product. So how is he one to blame, or anyone for that matter? They were just following orders.