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Panama Canal It didnít take long for the world to realize that Panama is the narrowest strip of land between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. From the early sixteenth century, explorers, conquerors, treasure seekers, settlers, the military and engineers have descended on Panama to find a route that would join the two oceans. A modern day Panamanian anthropologist says, ď A road, a railroad, or a canal; they didnít concern themselves with the rest. …

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…work ďIt is stupendous work upon which our fellow country men are engaged in down there on the Isthmus.Ē Stevens wrote to President Roosevelt saying what a hard toll the canal has taken on him and his family. Roosevelt felt that Stevensís attitude was basically a resignation and Stevens was let go. Workers signed huge petitions asking for Stevens to be able to stay, Roosevelt in his usual form ignored all of these requests.