Paganistic Beliefs in Beowolf

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The epic poem Beowolf is one of the founding pieces of literature known to man. The author of the poem is unknown. It is believed that he was a monk or someone of the Christian faith. Although during the time of Beowolf there would not have been Christian beliefs. Although in the poem there are more than twenty-five lines of references to the Christian belief. The poem is about good vs. evil, or the heavens …

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…of the time. While Christianity was a new religion and people were beginning to lean towards it; some people still wanted to hang onto the old paganistic beliefs. They were mentioned occasionally in the poem. The deaths of both Grendel and Beowolf were shown to be on a more paganistic belief, especially Beowolf. The use of fate was used many times in his death. Christianity dominated the poem more but paganism was in the poem.