Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha

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The novel Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha has no authorial presence at all, yet the reader gains a richer understanding of the situation than Paddy – or any other 10-year old – could ever have. With regard to the parent’s break up, how does Doyle achieve this? There are many factors which suggest how Doyle has succeeded in creating a 'triangular relationship' between himself the reader and the narrator – Paddy Clarke – so that the reader has …

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…bad image of the country," said Doyle. The author's own view is that his job is simply to describe things and people as they really are. In Doyle's world, the lives are tough, and the language is rough, but beauty and tenderness survive amid the void of bleakness. All quotes are taken directly from the Minerva publication of Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha. Tom Newton Bibliography The 1993 minerva publication of Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha