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PURITIANISM In the short story, “Miss Temptation,” Kurt Vonnegut does an unprecedented job of relating modern American culture in the contemporary time today, to the 17th century Puritans, and the outcome they had on us. This story is about a 19-year-old actress, named Susanna, who stuck out like a sore thumb in her town. This remarkable writing piece has a lot to do with Puritanism and nowadays. You can see that with the knowledge of …

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…only. To sum up “Miss Temptation” I would have to say that, you may be sensual, and ravishing, and have people worship you, but there is always one person that detest what you do and who you are. Kurt Vonnegut showed us that you can be desirable, and famous, but in a puritans eyes be perceived, as a monster while in the eyes of others you are the greatest, most needed thing in the world.