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Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO): In May 1964, 422 Palestinian national figures meeting in Jerusalem under the chairmanship of Ahmad Shuqeiri and following an Arab League decision, founded the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and laid down the structure of the Palestine National Council (PNC), the PLO Executive Committee, the National Fund and the Palestine Liberation Army (PLA). As well as approving a Palestinian national covenant and basic law; since then the PLO has been an umbrella organization for …

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…months and plays the role of the PNC when PNC is not in session. Palestinian Liberation Army (PLA): Formed in 1964 as military component of the PLO; until 1967 centered in Gaza with links to Egypt; under Arafat's early PLO leadership followed the strategy of guerilla warfare. Most of the forces were deployed in Syria and Lebanon with headquarters in Damascus; some units deployed in the OPT following the DOP of 13 September 1993 and Cairo Agreement of 4 May 1994.