Outline the radicalism of the Shi'ite Community in Lebanon

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Outline the radicalisation of the Shi’ite community in Lebanon In the final quarter of the twentieth century Islamic radical groups have become a significant force in Lebanese politics and throughout the Middle East. Particularly startling is the rise of Shi’ite groups. This essay will look at how a small and dominated community became a strong influential fighting force in such a short space of time. It will look at the factors behind the …

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…ite community in Lebanon. The rise of great political figures such as Sadr and Fadlallah, and the rise of the military groups are the result. Bibliography Spokesmen for the Despised R. Scott Appelby The University of Chicago Press, 1997 Religious Radicalism in the Greater Middle East Bruce Maddy-Weitzman and Efraim Inbar Frank Cass & Co. Ltd., 1997 Crisis in the Middle East Francois Massoulie The Windrush Press, 1999 A History of Islamic Societies Ira M. Lapidus Cambridge University Press, 1988