Our Grandmothers by Maya Angelou

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Imagery In The Poem “Our Grandmothers” by Maya Angelou Image (Imagery) – Descriptive poetry flourished. One basic meaning for ‘image’ is provided by that context, but other, looser and more treacherous, meanings have accreted: any sensuous effect provoked by literary language; any striking language; metaphor; symbol; any figure. Maya Angelou’s poem, “Our Grandmother’s,” vividly exemplifies a sense of imagery that is brought to life. The most effective way that, Maya Angelou presents imagery to …

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…descriptive language, which illustrates the way Maya Angelou tries to connect with the reader. The more descriptive she gets, the brighter the picture is created in the minds of the readers. Maya Angelou is a very creative individual whose legacy will continue for years to come. If one can set aside any distractions and free their minds, then that is when one can really start to gain an appreciation for the work of Maya Angelou.