Other Peoples Money

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At what cost does a company deserve to be taken off of life-support? While Gregory Peck would say that a surviving, long-lived company is worth saving, Danny Divito sees it differently. "Who cares?" he asks. The company is actually an investment, and no investment in need of life-support is worth saving. Not only do Peck and Divito see the company differently, they also relate to their audience on different levels. In their speeches in Other …

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…Peck's gripping emotion based pleas were outweighed by Divito's logical and tactful delivery of his solution. In Other People's Money, two different speaking styles are placed head to head, and in the end it is clear which one was more effective. Bibliography Adler, R.B. and J.M. Elmhorst. Communicating at Work.Boston:McGraw-Hill College, 1999. Other People's Money Dir. Norman Jewison. Perf. Danny DeVito, Gregory Peck, Penelope Ann Miller Piper Laurie, Dean Jones. Warner Brothers. 1991