'Othello' by William Shakespere. Explore the character and role of Iago in 'Othello', focusing particularly on his dramatic impact in Act 3 Scene 3.

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PEOPLE: I got an A* for this essay, in england that's the highest you can get but i'm only 15 so it may not be that amazing. The play ?Othello?, written in the 17th century by William Shakespeare is a tragic play involving romance, love, murder and deceit. Iago, one of the main characters, other than Othello, is very conniving and egotistical. He is very sly in his ways and he will do anything to be …

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…really be believed. He would appear to be a man with so many psychological problems in terms of a lack of belief in himself that any person who, perhaps, might cause him to take a true look at himself has to die. He is truly an unhappy person who can find no sterling qualities in his own character and so resents anyone who seems to have the type of characteristics that he wishes he possessed.