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Othello. Othello is the title of the character and play that we all studied earlier this semester. However, it is Othello the character that I intend to discuss. Othello is the husband to the beautiful and innocent Desdemona, whom he murders because the villainous and honest Iago has misled him. A Moorish general in Venice, a society plagued with racism and where adultery is neither condemned nor approved of, Othello is in the midst of …

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…he retrieves some of his once dominant nobility. Othello has returned to sanity too late, but at least that provides us with some reconciliation. Finally, Othello's fate shows us that a noble person may fall to the depths of savagery, but a small dose of humanity may still remain. This commentary of Othello the character is brief, but I hope it has made you appreciate and discover some aspects of the multi-dimensional character of Othello.