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Oriental Art Oriental Art is very unique and interesting. It is based on life all around them, nature. In Hsuan-ho hua pu classifies paintings in ten groups:  Taoist and Buddhist (tao shih)  Human affairs (jen wu)  Places and other buildings (kung shih)  Foreign tribes (fan tsu)  Dragons and fishes (lung yu)  Landscapes (shan shui)  Animals (chu shou)  Flowers and birds (hua niao)  Ink Bamboos (mo chu)  Vegetables and fruits (su kuo) This religious art, including …

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…artist are alike in this respect – that each is a symbol made up of a definite and limited number of distinct parts. And if the symbol is to make sense as a symbol, then the proper relationship between its parts must surface. This concludes my report on Oriental Art. Bibliography 1) Willetts, William. Foundations of Chinese Art. Singapore:1967 2) “Chinese Art”. Microsoft Encarta: 1995 ed. (Located on CD ROM) 3) “Chinese Art”. Reference Library: 1998 ed. (Located on CD ROM)