Organizational Conflict

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Organizational Conflict Business 220 Bennie Felts Malcolm Davis January 28th 2005 Conflict, where would we be without it? Conflict arises from differences, and when individuals come together in teams, their differences in terms of power, values, and attitudes contribute to the creation of conflict. To avoid the negative consequences that can result from disagreements, most methods of resolving conflict stress the importance of dealing with disputes quickly and openly. Conflict is frequently characterized as a controversy between …

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…and why it exists will help shape a brighter and more productive future. Works Cited Certo, Samuel. "Supervision Concepts and Skill-Building". New York: McGraw- Hill/Irwin 2003 Washington State School Directors "Turning groans to grins" URL: (25 Jan. 2005). Lippit, Gordon. "Cutting Edge trends in organization development," Training and Development Lournal, 1989. (26 Jan. 2005). <Tab/><Tab/>