Organizational Change: Article Review - MGT 331: Organizational Behavior. (A brief review of 3 related articles, see references for article links)

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Organizational Change: Article Review In a business environment that is struggling to recuperate after the stock market bubble burst, 9/11, Enron and other corporate scandals, change has become the keyword for survivability in a volatile market. CEO's and Boards of Directors are now being scrutinized for every action taken, whether it is benign or malignant. Stockholders are clamoring for change within the organization to provide insurance against any decrease in share value or dividends. With this …

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…dQ1B13O42yhsgUjgpsj%2fDnOaG%2b0T2nVKoXWuMSlg-- Leana, C. R. & Barry, B. (2000, Oct). Stability and change as simultaneous experiences in organizational life. Academy of Management. The Academy of Management Review, 25(4), 753-759. Retrieved January 13, 2003 from the World Wide Web: