Organizational Behavior Importance

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The paper explains the importance of organizational behavior and how these principles add value to the business. Many hard-driving leaders believe the technical competencies of individuals are far more important than the soft skills in making them the most value added to the organization. This paper builds the argument for organizational behavior as a vital ingredient in the development of the work force. The paper describes how the study and practice of organizational behavior can …

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…of hard and soft skills within the work place to allow employees to work harder and smarter. The higher the degree of job satisfaction, the more employees are willing to contribute to the success of the business, and organizational behavior studies are fundamental tools to help companies reach these goals. References Connolly, Reg (2003). Task vs. relationship. Retrieved on March 24, 2003 from Robbins, Stephen, P. (2001). Organizational behavior. Boston, MA. Pearson Custom Publishing.