Organisational Culture

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Do you think that the concept “organisational culture” is a useful one in the real world? If so, why? If not, why not? ABSTRACT The concept of culture is in itself a social concept. Therefore it follows that the concept of organisational culture should be viewed as the social context of an organisation and is an interpretation of the way the organisation behaves. However, according to Iain Mangham (Power and performance in Organisations, Oxford: Blackwell …

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…from America's Best-Run Companies (Warner, October 1988). About formerly successful companies to understand why they are not still excellent. A lot has to do with the ability of companies to adapt to a more rapidly changing world. Past insights are most wonderful because they teach us something about how to create a more successful future. Michael A. Silva, Craig R. Hickman - Creating Excellence : Managing Corporate Culture, Strategy and Change in the New Age. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**