Organic Food --Did you just put fertilizer in your Mouth?

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Did You Just Put Pesticide Or Fertilizer In Your Mouth? <Tab/>Pesticides are poisons, designed to kill living things. Over the last many years, farming across the country has become increasingly dependent on pesticides, fertilizers, and hormones. While using these items contribute to increasing yields, they cannot possibly be good on the environment let alone on human health. Thousands of farmers have switched to organic growing methods with the support of …

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…lt;Tab/>In summary, organic foods can be a bit more costly, but in the end they are worth their cost. The organic farmer works in harmony with nature and with the consumer. Works Cited Harvard Women's Health Watch Magazine: June 2003. 2 Crinnion, Walter. Are Organic Foods Really Healthier for You. Organic Gardening Almanace: 1995 Llewelyn Publishing. <Tab/>