Operations Management: Critically appraise how Starbucks attempts to meet its customers demand in a fluctuating market.

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Starbucks is an international coffee company selling and specialising in hot beverages from frappaccinos to expressos, they also sell a range of cakes, biscuits, chocolate, sandwiches and pannini's. Based in Seattle, USA, It was founded and born in Seattle in 1972 and today has thousands of coffee houses spanning over 5,886 locations across the globe. It has been opening over 1000 coffee houses around the world every year since 1999 and so needless to say the operations management of …

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…consumption of food. Overall SB do run their operations very well although, they might benefit from looking at their restaurants individually and less as copies of each other with the same demand and capacity for each then perhaps new ideas such as the ones that have been suggested could be implemented and a more efficient business can be run minimising waste and the risk of losing potential custom and maximising profit and quality of service.