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1.Executive Summary Customers benefit from online marketing in many ways. It is interactive, immediate and provides access to an abundance of comparative information about products, companies and competitors. Marketers also benefits from online marketing. For them, it helps consumer relationship building, reduces costs, increases efficiency, provides more flexibility and is in the form of the Internet, a global medium that enables buyers and sellers in different countries to interact with each other in seconds. Marketers …

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…to waste on consumers who don't it. REFERENCES Philip Kotler (2000) 'Marketing Management', The Millennium Edition, Prentice Hall, pp 651 - 673 Jay Conrad Levinson & Charles Rubin (1995) 'Guerrilla Marketing Online', Hughton Mifflin Company, pp 33 - 53 Philip Kotler & Gary Armstrong (2001) 'Principles of Marketing', 9th Edition, Prentice Hall, pp 639 - 651 Jones, Susan K. (1998) 'Creative Strategy in Direct Marketing' NTC Contemporary Toyota FedEx The Direct Marketing Association