Once Upon three Homes: Talk American ,boy!

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Spanish In America, of course, is the principal minority language that competes for equal status with english. The united states has the fourth largest Spanish-speaking population in the world, and it is the most rapidly growing segment of the nation. However, For the Hispanic community, Spanish is seen as a derogatory language, and as the ethnical trait of oppression and inequality. Racial and cultural differences have persisted among the children and grandchildren of immigrants. Due …

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…Languages, "foreign languages" if you wish to call them that, survive in the united states until the immigrant groups using them get ahead. They move past beyond language and are concerned about other issues" Thus the dilemma manifests itself, whether to attack language policy, which is a secondary symptom of ethnic and linguistic prejudice and discrimination or whether to attack directly the political and economic institutions which are themselves the root causes of this oppression.