Omar Khayyam The Enigma

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PROLOGUE Omar Kahyyam was primarily a mathematician and an astronomer. He was an extremely intelligent individual who wrote many theories in physics and metaphysics. He is also attributed with the reformation of the Persian calender with seven other great intellects to create a calender more accurate than the Gregorian calender. Ironically he is known to the world today for his translated collection of lyrical quatrains called the Rubaiyat. His life and works are somewhat of …

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…Company)142-145. This is where I obtained my literary criticisms and discovered of the other translations of the Rubaiyat. Yogananda Paramahansa. Wine of the Mystic(Los Angeles: Self- Realization Fellowship,1994)xiii. The book sited above is a interpretation of the Rubaiyat by the author. It helped me to more easily understand the greater meaning of Khayyam. This book also contained a long biography. This was easily the most helpful book I was able to locate.