Olaudah Equiano

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Olaudah Equiano was taken by force at the age of eleven from his West African village of Benin. He was then put on a ship to travel through the rough “Middle Passage” of the Atlantic Ocean to become a slave in the West Indies. In the West Indies (Barbados) he was put up for sale to work in the sugar plantations. Then in 1766, he was sold to a Virginian farmer to be a slave there. …

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…Robert King’s ship and then allowed to purchase his freedom, he then returned to England. It was in England where he fought against slavery and wrote his autobiography in 1789. Equiano survived the horror of being a slave, losing his family and his tribal identity and heritage. Even with all these horrible things that happened to him, he was still able to help other slaves and to end slavery for good. Word Count 766 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**