Of Mice and Men - Injustice Essay

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Cases of injustice have always been present in human society. Whether it be discrimination against certain types of people, or just personal matters involving family and friends, you will always find a type of injustice being conducted somewhere in the world. There are many cases of injustice present in the novel "Of Mice and Men". Most of which were just on a casual scale, because at their time they were thought to be the right …

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…cannot last much longer, and soon the rule of "survival of the fittest" will come into play, and unfortunately for Candy; it is the beginning of the end for him once he leaves. In all the instances above, injustice was carried out. Lennie, Crooks, Curley's wife and Candy all suffered different examples of how humans will live their lives to best suit themselves, no matter how much pain it puts the people around them through.