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The fact that Curley's wife is not given a name foreshadows her own isolation. In fact, probably reason why she is not given a name, is because she is totally hidden from the world and nobody knows her as anyone else. She is always referred to as Curley's wife, a ghost to the world. This emphasizes her complete isolation form the rest of the characters in the novel. She is a character without sympathy, but …

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…toward a tragedy. With the killing of Curley's wife, Lennie has signed his own death warrant. At the end of the novel, loneliness is displayed one last time. I believe, now that Lennie is gone; George is doomed to suffer the same fate as Curley's wife. A life of complete isolation, both from his new friends and the world. George will disappear, just as his dream of his own ranch did when Lennie was killed.