Oedipus the King-A Tangled Web We Weave

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The choir represents the voice of the people, the voice of the masses. People often conform to this uniform truth, they want to be like other people. This conformation leads to a uniform voice from the public. This voice is often ignorant to the truth, seemingly to the point that it creates its own truth. This is seen often in Oedipus the King, by Sophocles. They believe that Oedipus is godly, even when they have …

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…truths that they have created. It is a tangled web they weave. This play also presents the idea that ignorance is bliss. Had Oedipus not gone to the oracles, he would not have murdered his parents. It can also be seen that if his true parents had not gone to the oracle, he may have killed his father anyway. So I leave you with this, "When ignorance is bliss, it is folly to be wise."