Oedipus rex vs. Hamlet

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In the play Hamlet: Prince of Denmark, a young prince is in search of the truth behind his fatherís murder. At first, Hamlet sees the ghost of his deceased father and it tells him he was murdered by the now current king, Hamletís Uncle Claudius. Hamlet has to think about how he will get revenge for his fathers death, but because his only knowledge came from a ghost that only Hamlet heard speak, …

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…stories. Maybe by knowing the future the truth is set. If the future remains unknown than so will truth. Truth was a deciding factor in both outcomes of the plays. If the truth were known earlier, it would have changed the entire aspect of each play. Works Cited  Shakespeare, William. Hamlet: Prince of Denmark.  The Essential theatre 7th edition  Oscar G. Brocket, Robert J. Ball. Harcourt Brace College Publishers  Pg. 114  Sophocles. Oedipus the King  Pg. 71