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Oedipus Rex And now of all men ever known Most pitiful is this manís story: His fortunes are most changed, his state Fallen to a low slaveís Ground under bitter fate Oedipus Rex, pg. 64 One of the most commonly seen traits among the characters in Greek mythology is the violence that envelops their lives. From what we have read so far, few have experienced such radical changes as Oedipus. He is one of …

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…his wish to unmask the guilty and know the truth obliges him to take 3 the investigation to the end. Oedipus goes to the end and against everyone and everything, Oedipus realizes that he was a pawn of the gods from beginning to end. This ultimate revelation is the cause for his final redemption. Now let the weeping cease; Let no one mourn again. These things are in the hands of God. Oedipus at Colonus, pg.170 4