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The Greek tragedy of Oedipus illustrates dramatic irony through Oedipus' noble birth which is unknown to him and his fall from the throne due to his fate and excessive pride. In regard to his noble birth, Oedipus does not know he is born the son of King Liaus, the king of Thebes. As fate would have it, Oedipus eventually inherits the throne as King of Thebes even though he is brought up by another noble …

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…to Thebes as, "his city", but Creon challenges Oedipus by saying, "Is she not also mine?" This creates more dramatic irony because the reader knows who Laius' murderer is, while Oedipus does not. Oedipus' fate and his excessive pride help to reinforce the dramatic irony produced in the play. Throughout the foregoing series of events, all of which take place in a single day, Sophocles develops dramatic irony through the characteristics of his tragic hero.