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Oedipus the King was the story of man who was built into a character by something he had no control of. Later in Oedipus’ life, as he lived out his fate, his hidden past began to unravel. As his kingdom began to fall with the rise of plague, Oedipus relentlessly looked for a cure. Soon after, shepherds came forth and informed him that in order to end the plague the murderer of Laius must be …

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…run away from home and into his tragic mistake, the murder of Laius. Years later, after he was deemed a hero, the kingdom he saved habitually worsens, Oedipus tries everything in his command but must rely on the gods for help. He is told he is the cause for it all which was ironically, what he set himself out to find. This evidence make the story a tragedy and Oedipus his own antagonist. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**