Odysseus the Hero

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Odysseus was always considered to be a great man and a great hero. He was known for his brain as well as his muscle. This essay will compare the image of Odysseus before and after the Odyssey. Many scholars refer to Odysseus as a powerful mythic hero. He was not only a top-notch athlete, but also a man with great prowess and bravery. Odysseus often hesitated before acting, and used his reason to evaluate different …

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…seven years. It is amazing to think that a man of such prowess and bravery had such a weakness. The biggest surprise when looking at Odysseus was the fact that he had so many weaknesses. Nobody would think that a man of such stature would have any weaknesses at all, yet many of them. Odysseus was a great man, but like many great men throughout the history of the world, he had his uncontrollable flaws.