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Odysseus the Hero Every Epic follows a certain guideline, it is written in an elevated style consisting of a hero and deeds he does during his travels or journey. In the Odyssey written by Homer, the hero named Odysseus portrays many Hero-like characteristics that can make the reader envious. Homer gives Odysseus 3 traits that fit the definition of a hero like a glove. Odysseus is courageous, has great strength and ability, and exhibits noble qualities. …

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…to. Besides some of the suitors, Odysseus is respected by most of the other characters. Antionoos and Euremakus are especially rude suitors who treated Odysseus like dirt when he was dressed as a beggar. Odysseus treated everyone with the same amount of respect they gave him. When compared with other hero’s for example Superman, Odysseus fits right in. He has the traits of a true hero and it shows throughout the Odyssey. Bibliography none