Obtaining Power in the Middle Ages.

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Obtaining Power in the Middle Ages Wars, violence, mayhem, poverty, superstition and gloom are all characteristics of medieval times. A time when loyalty to a King was as thin as a fine piece of string which could be broken at a blink of an eye. A time when there was no national unity among countries, but instead localized communities. But despite this, some kingdoms did prosper during this mysterious time between ancient Rome and the 1500…

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…Charlemagne and many medieval Kings, it set the boundaries of their power; the more people they conquered, the stronger their authority became. Unfortunately, their power was limited to the shaky loyalty and cooperation of the aristocrats. Religion alone, although a dominant factor in a Kings success, could not support a reign without any aristocratic followers. In conclusion, although many Kings sought to create a great empire, without unification throughout the kingdom, they usually fell apart.