Oakland County 4H Fair

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"The Oakland County 4-H Fair" The first week in August, in Davisburg, Michigan there is a small county fair that is jumping. From the top of the elevated water tower a all can be seen. Pig races, lumber jack show, and a carnival bright as can be. The clamorous noise as the fair goes on can be heard by people on the other side of the splashing hills. The sound of big monster trucks, and …

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…the green trim. The fatal looking grounds located in Davisburg, Michigan reminds people of an cast aside house. With the landscape either dead or dying, the smell of polluted socks will remind it of the wicked smell. There is nothing going on except the delightful birds just strolling in the tremendous breeze. The place reminds us of a abandoned desert with prolonged grass growing fast as can be. There is infinitesimal life to be seen.